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Loving the Home You Have

When you’ve lived in a home for a while, it can start to lose the charm you first saw in it.  Day to day life can make it feel like a burden rather than a retreat.  Especially now, when we are all spending much more time at home than usual.  But it doesn’t have to be that way. Take some time to remember what made you fall in love with your house to begin with. Even if your current home is not your dream house, you can still create a place you will love.  Here is a list of ways to love the home you have:

Declutter.  A messy, cluttered home can make you feel overwhelmed and ashamed. Negative feelings about your home make it a place of stress instead of a place of peace and comfort. Cleaning up the clutter can seem like a huge task, but once you’ve done it, you will be glad you did! Expert Tips on Decluttering Your Home During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Show the kitchen some love.  Whether you love to cook or not, chances are you spend a lot of time in the kitchen.  So, it makes sense to have a kitchen you enjoy.  Simple things like keeping the sink, drainer and counters clear will go a long way into creating a space you will feel good about.  Place some fresh flowers on your counter or eat-in kitchen table. Find a spot for a speaker so you can listen to music while cooking.  Make the time spent in the kitchen a joy and not a chore.

Make your bedroom a retreat.  Your bedroom should provide you with peace, quiet and comfort.  When decorating, you might focus on the rooms that guests will see.  But don’t neglect your bedroom.  It is your sanctuary; your place to escape to when you want time alone.  Choose colors that give your bedroom a relaxing vibe.  Splurge on luxurious bed linens. And don’t be frugal when purchasing a mattress and pillows. Sleep is so important to your overall health and having the right mattress and pillows greatly effects the quality of your sleep. Your Bedding Checklist for a Good Night’s Sleep

Display favorite family memories. Like many people, you probably have hundreds, if not thousands, of photos on your electronic devices.  Take some time to go through them and find photos of your favorite family memories to print and frame for display.  Need some ideas?  Check out Pinterest for lots of unique ways to display photos in your home. Photo Display Ideas

Design a room that works for you.  Do you have a room that doesn’t get used much (if at all)?  For example, a formal living room that nobody in the family uses.  Perhaps it’s time to make use of that room in a way that works best for you and your family. Don’t get tied down to the fact that it is a “formal living room”. Right now you may be working from home and have kids doing school at home. Why waste a room that you don’t use? Turn it into a home office or home classroom. Create a home office or classroom that makes you look forward to “going to work” (or school) each day! Even if you don’t need it for work/school, it can be anything you want it to be. Do you love to read?  Create a cozy library with a comfy chair and book shelves. Miss your gym? Use the space for working out at home. The possibilities are endless!

Even if you are not currently living in your dream house, you can make small changes that will help you love the home you’re in!  But if you are thinking of selling your current home so you can move up to your dream home, the professionals at Inside Tampa Homes are here to help you!

Residential Real Estate is considered an essential service and we are here for you and we will be compliant with all CDC regulations.  You are safe with us! So, if you are ready to sell your home, Call the TAMPA BAY real estate professionals, Linda & Craig Nowicke at Inside Tampa Homes and let them assist you in getting your home STAGED, PHOTOGRAPHED and SOLD for the highest possible price!  CONTACT THEM TODAY at 813-728-3880 or 813-675-5030 or: or

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