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Holiday Home Sales: 6 Tips for Success

On the first day of the holidays my realtor said to me:

 If your home is for sale during the holiday season, feel free to decorate, but don’t go overboard.  You want your home to look it’s best while still enjoying your personal touch.  Avoid large decorations that can be overwhelming or distracting.  Remember that potential buyers want be able to envision your home as their own. Selling a Home at the Holidays: 15 Decorating Tips

On the second day of the holidays my realtor said to me:

Make your home feel inviting. If it’s cool outside, make it warm and cozy inside. Play soft, classical music and offer homemade holiday treats. If potential buyers are comfortable, they will spend more time in your home and will have more time to appreciate all its best features.

On the third day of the holidays my realtor said to me:

There will be motivated buyers this time of year. If people are house hunting during the holidays, they probably have a good reason for doing so. For example, they may be relocating for a job or investing for a tax deduction.  If they are on a deadline, they will be highly driven to find a home quickly.  It may be worth it to do the extra work involved in showing your home during the holiday season.

On the fourth day of the holidays my realtor said to me:

Price your home to sell.  A home that is reasonably priced for the market will make buyers feel merry and bright.  Many real estate agents advise sellers to initially price their home to sell rather than making small price reductions over time. Pricing Your Home to Sell

On the fifth day of the holidays my realtor said to me:

Provide photos of your home from other times of the year.  Since your house will likely be decorated for the holidays, make sure you have some great photos of how it looks during other times of the year.  Potential buyers need to be able to see the “every day” look of the home.

On the sixth day of the holidays my realtor said to me:

Create a video tour for the web. You might get less foot traffic during the holidays due to the business of the season.  By posting a video tour, you may attract house hunters who don’t have time to actually go to your home.

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