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Hair-Raising Halloween Treats!

When hosting a spooky Halloween soirée, it’s all the more frightening and fun if the food you serve is tasty AND terrifying!  Imagine, if you will, an ominous room lit only by candlelight with a table filled with guts and brains and…well, you get the picture.  Check out these recipes for creepy cuisine that will have your guests screaming with delight! (Click on links for recipes)

Spooky Witches’ Fingers – Fun to make and sure to give your guests a fright, these yummy confections are both disgusting and delicious! 

If you’re serving Witches’ Fingers, they will be complemented nicely by Frankenstein’s Monster Toes !  Made using a simple cookie mix, even the pickiest of little ghosts and goblins will eat them up!


Looks like body parts will be a big part of the menu on Halloween.  How about some Silly Monster Mouths!  These deliciously devilish goodies combine apples, sunflowers seeds, and strawberries for a taste little monsters won’t be able to resist!

Eyeballs anyone?!  These eyeball snickerdoodles are easy-peasy and fun to make and super yummy to eat. Even little witches and wizards can help make these treats for your spooky soirée!

No haunted house is complete without a black cat and every cat needs a litter box.  So how about serving up a delectable Kitty Litter Cake.  It might look gross, but it tastes fantastic!  Let your guests scoop up some with an actual kitty litter scooper for a truly authentic experience!

No haunted dinner party would be complete without the pièce de résistance – A Skeleton Meat Platter!  Tasty ribs and savory sausages make up the torso of a very unlucky fellow that won’t be joining you for dinner tonight!


So, invite your guests to enjoy a frightening feast this Halloween!  Muahahahaha!  Happy Haunting!

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