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A Guide to Making the Most of Small Spaces

Many people are looking to “minimize” these days. This trend includes minimizing the size of their homes. While you may not be looking for a Tiny House, you might be looking to downsize and simplify.  There are many perks to living in a smaller home.  First, it costs less money, which frees up funds for other things you enjoy like travel and hobbies.  And the peace of mind that comes with living within your means is priceless.  Also, with less space, there is less to clean.  And less cleaning means more time for fun and relaxation.  But sometimes it can be challenging to fit everything you need (and want) into a home with limited square footage.  Don’t despair!  Not only can you make it all fit, you can do it with style and create a comfortable, cozy home that suits all your needs.  Here are some clever ideas for making the most of small spaces:

  1. Make everything seem bigger by painting walls in light colors.  
  2. Use small scale furniture rather than large, overstuffed pieces that will overwhelm the room.
  3. Use mirrors to create the illusion of more space.  One mirror will make an impression, but two facing each other will make a bigger impact by amplifying the semblance of added area and light.
  4. If you’re thinking of doing any renovations, consider adding a bay window. Not only will it maximize square footage, but it will provide the added bonus of flooding the house with natural light.
  5. Keep things simple.  Clean lines make things feel streamlined and give the impression of openness.
  6. Take advantage of high ceilings by going vertical with cabinetry.  Not only will it draw the eyes up and away from the limited counter space, but it will also provide maximum storage.
  7. Continue thinking up and not out by utilizing tall bookshelves.
  8. Use furniture pieces that serve more than one purpose. Multipurpose Furniture
  9. Got stairs?  Don’t let the area underneath them go to waste.  There are great options for creating storage under stairs that will be functional and look great too. 17 Creative Under Stairs Storage Ideas You Need to Try
  10. If you’re going to hang curtains, hang them as high as you can to make the ceilings seem higher and extend the rods about 4 inches on either side to make windows seem wider and to allow more light in when they are open.

Downsizing and simplifying will make you realize that less really is more, but it doesn’t mean you must sacrifice style and comfort!

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