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Tampa Luxury Home Housing Report – July 2019

Tampa Luxury Home Housing Report – July 2019

2019 was predicted to be the year in which we would see a significant downturn in the demand for higherend properties in the real estate market – not just in North America, but globally.

These predictions specifically indicated a slowdown in the major metropolitans and existing luxury locations. On the bright side, secondary markets and the condominium market would see an increase in demand. Concerns were also raised about the negative impact of tax changes and government regulations, including tariffs against foreign investors, could cause a further downturn in the market.

In terms of property type sales, experts forecast that the larger McMansion-style properties would be the hardest hit but there would be a continued increse for smaller homes, particularly those offering technically advanced ‘smart’ spatial designs and developments offering outstanding amenities boasting luxury lifestyle experiences.

Now, at the mid-point of 2019, it’s time to look at the validity of these predictions by analyzing the last six months of data and reviewing the trends that have developed.

The reality is that in 2019, government regulations did not have the largest impact on the luxury market in either the US or Canada. The greater influence has been the impact of global uncertainty, changes in purchasing decisions, and relocations to avoid high local taxes that have caused the most significant changes in spending habits and location desirability.

Looking at the overall statistics for North America’s luxury market on page 8, it’s fairly safe to say that the market has truly found its new norm. In the graphs presented, particularly the sales price per square foot graph and the sales price to list price comparisons, we have a visual representation of the near even chart lines stretching from June 2018 to June 2019.

Going back farther to the last 18 months, the median North American luxury single-family home price hovered around $1.4M, swaying each month between low of $1.37M and a high of $1.48M. Prices were also steady for North American luxury condos with the current median price at $900K and an 18-month range between $877K and $965K. In this high overview level, the lack of overall shift means these small pricing fluctuations can be largely attributed to seasonal changes.

Read the full report here.

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