Step-by-Step Guide to Selling Your First Home

Step-by-Step Guide to Selling Your First Home

You are a home owner. You have gone through the process of procuring a mortgage, closing on a house, moving in, and creating a home for yourself and your family.  Chances are you have developed a loving attachment to your first home, but for one reason or another, it is time to move on.  Maybe you have outgrown it, or maybe you are being transferred for a job. Whatever the reason, now it is time for you to begin the process of selling your home.  This is no small task.  A lot of time and energy go into preparing your home to get the best possible price when you sell.  So, if you are ready to list your house for sale, take a deep cleansing breath and take one step at a time:

Think before you act.  Before putting that “for sale” sign in your yard, make sure you know exactly what you want. Communicate with your partner (unless you live alone) so that you are both on the same page. Ask yourself and your partner these important questions:

Why are you moving?
What is your timeline?
What do you expect from the home selling process?
What role will you play in preparing your home for sale?

Do some homework so that you will have an idea what kind of real estate market you are entering.  There are a lot of factors that influence the market, including fluctuating mortgage rates and inventory shifts.  Educate yourself so you will know what to expect. 2019 Market Overview Tampa

Interview and choose a professional Realtor. There is no more important relationship in your selling process than that which you have with your Realtor. The right agent will guide you, advise you, answer questions, and market your home so that you get you the best possible price for it. Tampa Realty Now

Determine your selling price.  Your Realtor can help you decide the best asking price based on current market values. Get Your Home’s Most Accurate Value

Prepare your home to impress potential buyers.  These days, home buyers have free access to look at property listings online, so it is vital that your home makes a good first impression.  That means getting your home in “show-worthy” condition. The time and effort you put into decluttering, making necessary home repairs, and cleaning until it sparkles will go a long way toward getting your house sold for the best possible price.  Even better? Stage your home to sell.  This is another area where the professionals at Tampa Realty Now can help you. Staged homes sell faster and for better prices than those that aren’t staged.  The Importance of Home Staging When Selling

Market your home.  You not only need your home to be visible online, you need it to stand out!  Consider having professional photos taken that showcase the best attributes of your home. The best listings also have compelling property descriptions that generate interest.  Videos and virtual tours can also be used to draw interest from buyers.  Be sure that your property is being promoted in the best possible way.

Be flexible with showings.  You want every interested party to be able to come see your home.  So, even though it’s inconvenient sometimes, make sure that you can make your home available for potential buyers to visit.

Consider offers and negotiate with sellers. Again, your Realtor will play an important role here. The professionals at Tampa Realty Now are expert negotiators who will assist you in deciding on a strategic counteroffer to the buyer’s offer.  They will consider not only the money being offered, but the contingencies as well.

The last step is closing the sale. Before you arrive to sign the final paperwork and collect your check, make sure your home is ready for the buyer’s final walk-through and take care of any last-minute issues. A Home Closing Checklist for Sellers

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