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5 Design Trends to Avoid in 2019

When redecorating your home, you might want to incorporate some current popular design trends. But there are also design and décor ideas that you may want to avoid, especially if you think you are going to sell your home soon. You will want to think about what will entice potential buyers, and what might turn them off. Here are some interior design trends that are not currently popular with home buyers:

5 Design Trends to Avoid in 2019

ECLECTIC CLUTTER –  A space with too many things going on ends up feeling chaotic.  Eclecticism can be great, and it is seen in a lot of designs, but it’s time to say goodbye to extreme eclecticism.  Too many people fail to achieve design for function when utilizing this style.  2019 is a year for reducing clutter and having decorative items that serve a purpose. 

MINIMALIST ART – While decorative clutter is on its way out, people still don’t want boring, sterile rooms. Scandinavian design elements like clean edges and uniformity are giving way to bolder colors and more organic shapes.  Forget matching your art to your furniture; it’s time to infuse some personality into your space by displaying art that speaks to you. Expressionism Art

COOL GRAYS – 2018 was more than fifty shades of gray.  Just about every possible gray hue was used in home décor last year.  Gray walls became the symbol of a stylish home, and everyone wanted them. As a result, they were way overused. This year, stark whites and warmer neutrals are the way to go.  Top Paint Color Trends of 2019

ACCENT WALLS – The dramatic statement of a boldly colored or wallpapered accent wall has run its course.  Designers are no longer using accent walls as the focal point of interiors.  Single-colored walls make more of an impact by providing a cohesive backdrop for furnishings and décor.

MID-CENTURY EVERYTHING – If you’re a fan of mid-century décor, it’s ok to have a piece or two in a room. But when the whole space is decked out in this one look, it can backfire. Instead of looking modern, it looks like you have gone back in time. Don’t get rid of your mid-century pieces, just mix them in a bit with your other décor styles.  Mid-Century Traditional Mix

While design trends come and go, your home décor should reflect your personality and make you happy, whether it’s “in style” or not.  But if you are selling your home, keeping current trends in mind will go a long way toward impressing buyers!

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