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Memorial Day Weekend in Tampa 2019

Memorial Day Weekend in Tampa 2019

Memorial Day commemorates our U. S. Armed Forces who died while in service to our country.  It was started after the Civil War where more lives were lost than in any other conflict in U.S. History. Originally called “Decoration Day”, it was a day when family and friends would decorate graves with flowers and recite prayers.  For decades, it was observed on May 30, a day chosen because it was not the anniversary of any particular Civil War battle. But in 1968 Congress passed the Uniform Monday Holiday Act designating the last Monday in May as Memorial Day. This was done to give federal workers a three-day weekend.  It also made Memorial Day a federal holiday.  Many people celebrate over the long weekend with family gatherings and backyard BBQs, but there are also a lot of fun activities going on in the Tampa area this Memorial Day Weekend:

These are just a sampling of the holiday events going on in the Tampa area!

However you choose to celebrate this weekend, take a moment to remember those who gave their lives for our freedom!

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