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Tampa Luxury Home Housing Report – April 2019

How Playing The Data Game Will Yield More Results in 2019

As we move into spring, which is traditionally the busiest time of year for home sales, and consider the statistical analysis illustrating that the overall high-end real estate market has normalized back to traditional levels, what does this mean to homeowners looking to sell? How in today’s market can understanding statistics and working with the right real estate professional become the solution to meeting expectations?

Reviewing the data has played a crucial role, and will continue to do so, in understanding how to match both the concerns of the home seller with the expectations of the buyer.

The Institute has determined that lifestyle, comparative affordability, and financial opportunity are the key differentiators in the decision process of the affluent buyer. But while these buyers can be decisive when their goals are met, they are also fickle because their needs are not based on necessity but from desire. Taking these factors into consideration, coupled with the unique attributes of the property, agents looking to address the concerns of their sellers have been using statistical data to provide answers to questions such as what is the value of my home, how long will it take to sell, and how are you going to market my home to connect to the right buyers?

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