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The Perks of City Living

There are a lot of great things happening in Downtown Tampa right now and with all the new and exciting developments you may find yourself wondering what it would be like to leave the suburbs and live in the city. Extreme Makeover – Tampa Waterfront

Here are some perks that come with city living:

  1. Walkability and Transportation – When you live in the city you will find yourself getting more exercise because shopping and restaurants are all within walking distance of your home. If you work in the city as well, you can commute by foot. If you must go a little further, you will have easy access to public transportation in an urban area.  You may not even have to own a car anymore, meaning you will save money on gas, insurance and maintenance costs.

Getting Around Downtown Tampa

  • Things to Do – You will never run out of fun things to do in the city. Green spaces, museums, theater, music venues all can be found close by.  Among the condos, apartments, office buildings, and stores you will find cultural attractions and entertainment options galore!

Downtown Tampa Play

  • Shopping & Restaurants – Living in a large urban area means you will be in close proximity to unique shopping and restaurant experiences that you won’t be able to find in suburban and rural areas.  Specialty stores, boutiques, and ethnic restaurants will open up all kinds of new shopping and dining experiences for you.
  • Socializing – When people live close to each other, more relationships are created. Whether you are looking to network and form business relationships or you are looking for new ways to socialize with friends, you will find many more opportunities in the city than is suburban or rural areas.
  • Medical Care – When you live in the city you will be closer to a major medical institution where you will be able to find services for senior citizens.  Depending upon your age, this may not be an issue now, but it’s definitely something to think about for your future. And at any age, it always gives you peace of mind to know that a excellent medical facility is close by.  Easy access to medical care is a great perk of living in the city.

Tampa General Hospital

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