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Archives: February 2019

Sell Your House Now – Here’s Why!

Sell Your House Now - Here’s Why!

The past several years have been very kind to home sellers across the country.  With such a strong seller’s market, people who weren’t even thinking of moving chose to put their homes on the market because they didn’t want to miss the opportunity for profit. Bidding wars were common because inventory of homes for sale […]

Tampa Luxury Home Housing Report – February 2019

Tampa Luxury Home Housing Report – February 2019

In this month’s review, we focus on the markets and property types that are bucking the trend, why they are seeing growth, the niches that are providing opportunity, and what factors have created this demand. During this review, you will see the importance of using data to recognize trends and why understanding the current market, […]

Easy Outdoor Garden – Plants You Can’t Kill


Don’t have a green thumb? Don’t despair!  You can still create a beautiful outdoor garden with plants that are hearty and resilient.  Whether you are planting for the first time or you have been gardening for years, the desired result is a healthy, bountiful, gorgeous bed of flowers and plants. For maximum results with minimal […]

Romance and Real Estate

valentines days

Valentine’s Day is more than just a day of love for a happy pair, it’s suppose to be a day filled with happiness and care for everyone to share. Filled with lots of kisses, hugs, and sweet treats, no matter where you are send love to whoever you meet! It’s even a day to help someone who […]

Should You Hire a Decorator/Designer?

To Hire a Decorator/Designer or Not to Hire a Decorator/Designer

You’ve decided to redecorate your home and you have an idea of how you want it to look, but now it’s time to ask an important question; should you hire a professional interior decorator, or should you do it yourself? Before the 20th century interior decorators and designers barely existed as we know them today.  […]

Fed Signals End of Interest Rate Increases

Fed Signals End of Interest Rate Increases

WASHINGTON — In suspending its previous plans to continue raising rates this year, the Federal Reserve signaled that its march toward higher interest rates may be ending sooner than expected. The Fed’s chairman, Jerome H. Powell, said economic growth remained “solid” and the central bank expected growth to continue. But in a sharp reversal of […]