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Don’t Sabotage Your Home Sale!

Don’t Sabotage Your Home Sale!

If you are thinking about selling your house this year, now is the time to start preparing to put it on the market.  While cleaning it up, doing small renovations and making it look as enticing as possible are all very important steps, there is a lot more you need to know to successfully sell your home for the best possible price.  Don’t sabotage your home sale by neglecting to do the following:

  1. Finding an experienced professional Realtor. Selling a home can be a stressful, complicated process.  It will pay off to have a professional Realtor like Linda Nowicke of  Tampa Realty Now on your side. Take advantage of her extensive expertise and market knowledge and get the best possible price for you home!
  2. Disclosing problems to potential buyers. You may be setting yourself up for liability if you don’t let buyers know about issues with your property. Selling a Florida Home: What Are My Disclosure Obligations
  3. Pricing your home right. If you overprice your home, it might sit on the market for months and become a stale listing. Most buyers will have Realtors who will keep them from bidding on a home that has an inflated price that is more than what it will likely appraise for.  And even if a buyer is willing to pay the high price, the mortgage company will send an appraiser and put an end to the deal.  So, unless your buyer is paying with cash, they won’t be able to obtain a mortgage for the inflated price.  Let your Realtor assist you in pricing your home right!
  4. Making necessary repairs prior to sale. Potential buyers are going to be turned off if your home looks like it has not been taken care of. In addition, they will probably wonder what else is wrong that they can’t see.  By making necessary repairs and presenting your home at its best, you will more likely sell faster and for a better price.
  5. Sprucing up your landscaping. The outside of your home is the first thing potential buyers see and it’s vital that it makes a good impression. If your flower beds are full of weeds, the grass hasn’t been well maintained, and there is debris in the yard, buyers might not want to even go inside to see the house.  It’s not necessary to do anything fancy…simply clean up the yard, plant some pretty flowers and make it appealing so buyers will want to see more.
  6. Taking your personal feelings out of the negotiation process. Allow your Realtor to guide you through the negotiation process.  Remember that it is not a competition. You want to sell; the buyer wants to buy. Leave your emotions at home and don’t let the closing fall apart over some small issue.

Are you ready to SELL your home?  Call the TAMPA BAY real estate professionals, Linda & Craig Nowicke at Tampa Realty Now and let them assist you in getting your home STAGED, PHOTOGRAPHED and SOLD for the highest possible price!  CALL THEM TODAY at 813-728-3880 or 813-675-5030.

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