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Empty Nesters – Staying Physically and Mentally Fit in Your 55+ Community

Empty Nesters - Staying Physically and Mentally Fit in Your 55+ Community

Studies show that staying mentally and physically active in your senior years are vital to your overall well-being.  Socializing also has a positive impact on your health as you age. Adopting healthy habits and behaviors and staying involved in the community will contribute to your ability to live a full and meaningful life. There is no better place for seniors to stay active, both mentally and physically, than an Active Adult Community!  With a community of peers that are in the same stage of life as you, you will be able to find many people with common interests and goals.  And built in activities will make it easy for you to participate and meet people.  Here are some of the most popular activities offered in 55+ Communities:

Pickleball This fun paddle sport is popular with retirees because it is a low-impact form of tennis.  While it will keep you up and active, success in pickleball depends more on strategy and placement than it does on pure athletic ability.

Bocce Ball An activity that appeals to all ages due to its simplicity and accessibility, Bocce Ball is played with eight large balls and a small one that is called a pallina.  Played on a long, rectangular court, the goal is for your team to get four balls as close to the pallina as possible.

Golf – The perennial favorite for active adults, golf is the ultimate retirement activity! Many retirement communities are built around golf courses and offer several for their residents. If a community does not have one of their own, they will likely advertise that there are golf courses nearby.  Playing a round of golf with friends improves your muscle tone and helps you stay fit while also allowing you to socialize with friends and neighbors.

Mah Jongg A classic game with a long history of popularity, Mah Jongg originated in China and made its first appearance in the United States in the 1920s. Essentially a form of the card game rummy, it uses tiles instead of cards. The unique thing about Mah Jongg is that it requires cooperation and strategy between players versus competition. Because you must work together, it’s a wonderful way to build relationships with new friends!

Woodworking – Combining mental sharpness with the gratification of completing a tangible item, woodworking is a fantastic activity for seniors! Many communities have workshops for residents to use and offer woodworking classes as well.

Billiards A common amenity found in active adult communities, billiards tables (also known as “pool tables”) provide hours of fun for residents.  Not only do billiards tables look elegant, they take up relatively little space and allow residents to pass time while socializing.  Many communities have leagues you can join as well.  Keeping that competitive spirit alive is fun and helps to keep you mentally sharp!

Arts & Crafts – Because creativity is so vital to mental health, arts and crafts have become integral to active adult living…so much so that many 55+ communities have designated arts and crafts studios.  A hobby that requires dedication and patience, creating a new object is exciting and gratifying.

Book Clubs – You are never too old to stop learning. And short of going back to school, what better way is there of learning that through reading?  Book clubs not only encourage reading, but offer a place to discuss and dissect what you have read.  Lively discussions and debates not only give you a social outlet, but allow you to exercise your brain!

Holiday Parties – No active adult community is complete without a party or two!  Social activities are one of the primary reasons that these communities thrive.  Holiday parties allow residents to catch up with friends and meet new neighbors.  It also provides a “family of friends” for people to celebrate with if their own families cannot join them for holidays.

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