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Archives: September 2018

The Three Ps of Selling a Home

The Three Ps of Selling a Home in tampa FL

The idea of selling your home can seem overwhelming. It’s a huge endeavor and it would be easy to come up with a list of a hundred things you need to do to get your house on the market and sold.  But the truth is that you need to focus on just three things: the […]

Safety First – Childproofing Your Home

Safety First - Childproofing Your Home

The statistics for household childhood injuries are staggering. Over 3.4 million children experience accidental injury in the home each year.  While there is no way to guarantee child safety at home, there are certainly many things you can do to help prevent accidents and injuries.  Top Causes of Unintentional Injury and Death in Homes and […]

Tampa Downtown Partnership – Transportation

Tampa Downtown Partnership - Transportation

The Tampa Downtown Partnership is a nonprofit organization that works to cultivate the joining of private and public resources to increase economic development in Downtown Tampa.  With 225 member companies consisting of 66,500 employees and 8,100 residents, this partnership is backing the All for Transportation referendum that would levy a 1% additional sales tax on […]