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Extreme Makeover – Tampa Waterfront

Extreme Makeover - Tampa Waterfront

Not so long ago Tampa’s waterfront was an unpleasant amalgam of broken-down wharfs and unattractive concrete office buildings and surface parking lots. The city had basically turned its back on the water and there wasn’t much reason for anyone to visit the area unless they had to for work.  That is changing!

Now Tampa’s waterfront is prime for investment. Per Dodge Data & Analytics, several construction projects are estimated to bring $13 billion in investment dollars to the Tampa region through 2022.  Harbour Island, once a weed and rat infested phosphate dumping ground, is now home to 10,000 people with residential homes, condos and a yacht club. The highlight of the waterfront is Water Street Tampa, a 16-block mega-development featuring the South Florida Morsani College of Medicine and Heart Institute and a new JW Marriott hotel.

Great effort is being made to reshape Tampa’s downtown into a pedestrian friendly area. The goal is to create the first WELL-Certified district in the world; one that meets standards that emphasize health and well-being with features such as daylighting, air quality and outdoor access. Going green with things like rooftop gardens is a priority and will help save energy.  The hope is that a revitalized downtown area will attract young people who might have otherwise left to go to other cities.

If you have not visited Downtown Tampa and the waterfront in a while, you will be pleasantly surprised by all the positive changes.  Check it out today!

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